Kurzschrift shorthand těsnopis стенография

They are at present at least three methods of reliably recording unwritten speech into a text file:

With pen shorthand speech is
  1. manually captured (cmp. longhand) at first and then
  2. transliterated into a text file (true digital record)
You will find here an on-line system, which using METAFONT and LaTeX reverses these two steps,
i.e. it transforms
a nearly arbitrary (digital) german text into a (analog) shorthand record written in
DEK* (used in Germany)
Stolze-Schrey (used in Switzerland) or
a nearly arbitrary (digital) english text into a (analog) shorthand record written in
Gregg shorthand (used in USA) or
Pitman shorthand (used in U.K.)
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* Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift